Work Injuries

North Carolina has enacted the Workers’ Compensation Act to protect workers who are injured on the job. If you are injured while working you should not be stuck with medical bills and lost wages. These considerations are the basis for the protections in the Workers’ Compensation Act.

More times than not, the workers’ compensation medical and wage replacement payments are made by an insurance company that has collected insurance premiums from your employer. Many people mistakenly believe that these payments are made by the employer, and not an insurance company, and that you must “sue” your employer to receive the protection offered by the Workers’ Compensation Act.

If you are disabled due a workplace injury, you are likely entitled to wage replacement checks every week in an amount equal to 66 2/3% of your gross weekly wages prior to your injury. You are also entitled to all medical treatment necessary to return you to your pre-injury condition. You may be entitled to medical and wage replacement benefits for an extended period of time into the future if you are permanently disabled due to your injury and cannot return to the same job.