social security disability status

Social Security Disability Status

Have you been injured and are facing the disability claim process? This process can be intimidating and heavy with paperwork and a lack of clarity of your current status. Through many avenues you are able to check the status of your social security disability claim.

After your claim for social security disability is filed, you may call or go online to check the status of your claim. However, this process can be quite lengthy and a status change may not occur often. To determine if your status is classified as disabled, several factors are considered in detail to reach a final determination of disability status for an individual. These factors include:

  •  if the individual is working.
  • the severity of the condition.
  • if the condition is in the pre-composed list of disabilities.
  • is the individual able to do the same work they did prior to their injury or conditions.
  • can the individual do any other type of work. Throughout the process of a social security disability determination, each of these factors are considered at length and in depth based on the individual circumstances.

When applying for social security disability, it is important to understand the application process and the lengthy consideration of these factors. If you have a claim for social security disability and are interested in learning more about the process in order to effectively submit your claim for disability, or have a pending claim for disability that has been denied and facing appeal, please contact the attorneys at Mulligan Attorneys, today. Our personal injury attorneys are here to answer your questions, and to explain and assist you in the application or appeals process for social security disability claims.