Reasons to contact child protective services

Reasons to Contact Child Protective Services

Contacting Child Protective Services is a difficult decision and one that should not be taken lightly. Child Protective Services should be contacted in order to protect the health and safety of a child. You should contact Child Protective Services if you have a reasonable belief that a child is being neglected, abused, or dependent in North Carolina. If you believe that a child is suffering abuse, neglect, or is without care or parental guidance, then you should contact Child Protective Services in order to protect the child at issue. Each citizen owes a duty to report any concerns of abuse, neglect, or dependency of a minor child to Child Protective Services. You may report anonymously to Child Protective Services and you will receive a notification upon investigation of the disposition of the case. Every individual has a duty to actively report any reasonable beliefs that a child is in danger, but this decision should be one based on reasonable suspicions and should be taken very seriously by the reporter.

If you are concerned for the safety of a child or have questions about a potential Child Protective Services report, contact our family law attorneys at Mulligan Attorneys, to discuss the grounds for a Child Protective Services report today.