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North Carolina Felony Expungement Bill

Many individuals that have been convicted of a felony or are facing felony charges are concerned about the expungement possibilities of the conviction from their record. The possibility of expungement is important because a felony conviction on an individual’s record may affect job opportunities and other important events throughout their life.

Under North Carolina law, pursuant to a statute passed in 2011, first time offenders that have been convicted of a felony under the age of 18 may have the felony expunged from their record. However, the felony must have been a nonviolent felony. In 2012, the law in North Carolina expanded to allow all individuals to expunge non-violent felonies from their record, regardless of their age. The expungement statutes in North Carolina are subject to some exceptions including, but not limited to, any offenses that include assault, some sex related or stalking offenses, weapons violations, and various drug related offenses. The individual seeking expunction must wait fifteen years from the last day of an active sentence, probation, or the date of the conviction.

A felony conviction can affect an individual’s life for many years. The opportunity for expunction allows these persons to move forward with their lives without a felony conviction on their record that could hinder their future opportunities. If you would like to discuss your expunction options or eligibility and begin the process of expunging a conviction from your record, contact the attorneys at Mulligan Attorneys, today.