Child protective services process

What Happens When Child Protective Services Gets Involved

Child Protective Services (CPS) exists in all counties of North Carolina. Child Protective Services may get involved when a report is made concerning a child who is alleged to be neglected, abused, or dependent. The purpose of Child Protective Services is to investigate claims of concern surrounding a child, and offer the child and/or the parents services to improve the circumstances of the child in need.  Reports may be made anonymously and once a report is made to Child Protective Services, an investigator will follow up with the family and determine if the report is valid and substantiated. If the report is substantiated, the investigator may recommend services to the parents of the child or suggest potential removal of the child depending on the individual factual circumstances.

Often when Child Protective Services becomes involved with a family, the investigator opens a case plan in order to meet particular individualized goals to provide a safe and healthy environment for the child. Child Protective Services may offer ongoing services to the parents and the child in order to give the child a productive and safe home. If Child Protective Services has become involved in your family and you have questions or concerns please contact the attorneys at Mulligan Attorneys, today.