Get the Most Out of Your Car Accident Settlement in 2022

Get the Most Out of Your Car Accident Settlement in 2022


Not only are car accidents traumatic and devastating for the parties involved, but they can also be extraordinarily expensive. To get the settlement recovery you deserve, you’ve got to get your claim right.

Follow these 10 essential steps to establish a successful personal injury claim:


1. Take photos!

Image proof is some of the most valuable evidence for building a strong personal injury case. Be sure to snap pictures of:

  • your vehicle,
  • the at-fault vehicle,
  • the scene of the accident,
  • and your injuries, including but not limited to bruises, lacerations, and abrasions


2. Write ‌the accident details ASAP.

The more details you can provide when defending your personal injury claim, the better. NO DETAIL IS TOO SMALL. And if first responders have been called, be sure to wait for them at the scene.

Pay special attention to the words and responses of the other driver. If they do or say anything to show that they are apologetic or admit any sort of fault, your personal injury lawyer can use that to your advantage.

You should note…

  • the weather,
  • the surrounding area,
  • witness names & contact information,
  • insurance information,
  • and whether any equipment or a commercial driver was involved.

Be sure to write everything down as soon as reasonably possible. If you wait too long to record all the nitty-gritty details of the accident, you’ll be more likely to remember something inaccurately.

If they provided you a “Driver Exchange Form,” it is important that you save the document for future reference.


3. Get to a doctor immediately.

If you sustain injuries after a car accident, you need to seek medical care immediately!

If you delay your initial medical appointment, the opposing insurance company may attempt to claim that your injuries resulted from an entirely separate event. The logic? If you had truly sustained an injury during the accident, you would have sought ‌medical attention much earlier.


4. Be honest & open about your injuries.

When you describe your injuries to your doctor, hold nothing back or downplay your pain. This is not the time to act tough… nor is it time to exaggerate.

Medical providers are specifically trained to take detailed notes of their patients’ responses. Even telling your doctor that you’re “doing well today” can help the at-fault party build a case against you.

To make sure your injuries are adequately accounted for, try your best to provide a complete, detailed explanation of your physical, mental, and emotional condition, talking clearly and slowly so the medical staff can take accurate notes.


5. Follow through with medical appointments & treatments.

Don’t miss your appointments or neglect the instructions and treatments your doctor prescribes to you. Insurance companies often argue that failure to comply with medical treatments proves ‌you are partially liable for your injuries.


6. Develop strong relationships with your treatment providers.

If you end up taking your case to court, your doctors and nurses may very well be some of your strongest witnesses–as they are most familiar with the extent of your injuries, pain, and suffering. Their witness testimony is more likely to have a powerful impact if the medical staff actually know and like you.


7. Use social media wisely.

Anything you post on your personal social media pages can be used against you in a personal injury lawsuit. Therefore, it’s best to avoid disclosing sensitive details of your personal injury case to all of your Facebook friends. And sharing images and videos of yourself, happy and in excellent condition, will obviously not help your case either.


8. Get yourself a good personal injury lawyer.

Developing and arguing a strong case after an accident can be challenging (and stressful). An experienced personal injury attorney can work with you to identify the strengths of your claim, gather additional evidence, protect your rights, and fight for the compensation you deserve.


Need to consult with a personal injury attorney? Contact Mulligan Attorneys at 910-763-1100 or send us a message.


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