How to get a NC divers license reinstated

How to Get a North Carolina Drivers License Reinstated After a DWI

The North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles can suspend your driving privileges without a hearing in several circumstances surrounded DWIs. This can be a hardship for many people, as driving in America is often a necessity rather than a luxury. Driving offers you the freedom and ability to get to work on time, take care of your family, and meet your many obligations. If your drivers license has been suspended, it can be disastrous for your quality of life. That’s what the DWI lawyers of Mulligan Attorneys, pride ourselves on our experience and expertise in helping our clients get their licenses reinstated through through DMV hearings.

There are two main situations involving DWIs in which hearings are an option. In both these situations, it’s a good idea to contact a lawyer to help you though your hearing, as it can be difficult to navigate on your own.

DWI Restoration Hearing 

After your first DWI conviction, your driver’s license is revoked for one year. After your second conviction, it is revoked for four years. After your third conviction, your license can be permanently suspended. After a substantial amount of time has passed—usually at least three years—you can apply for a DWI Restoration Hearing. This is a two-step process that begins with paperwork which shows that you are eligible for a DMV hearing. This paperwork will include proof of alcohol abuse treatment, as well as your criminal and driving records.

Next, your hearing will be scheduled, during which time you can present witnesses who can help prove your good character and sobriety. Before you apply for a hearing, you should ask yourself if you are currently drinking, whether there is alcohol in your home, if you own a car, and if you have people who are willing to testify on your behalf. The lawyers of Mulligan Attorneys, can help you answer these questions and move forward in a way that is both legal and logical.

DWI Refusal Revocation Hearing

In the state of North Carolina, every driver charged with a DWI is asked to submit to breathalyzer test which measures your blood alcohol concentration. If you refuse this test, then you will lose your driving privileges for one year.

If this is a situation you are facing, there are options. You can apply for a DMV Refusal Revocation Hearing, during which you will be able to present evidence that you didn’t willfully refuse the test, that the test was performed incorrectly, or that the officer did not have probable cause to demand the test. Mulligan Attorneys, can guide you through this process, determine if you have a valid case, and help you get your license reinstated.

Because each hearing is a serious matter, and because it is imperative to get your license reinstated so you can drive legally and safely, it’s important to be prepared and supported throughout this process. If your license has been suspended for any reason and you’re ready to get it back, contact Mulligan Attorneys, and take your first steps today.