Prenup FAQs

A prenuptial agreement, or prenup, is a contract created and signed by a couple before they get married to determine how financial assets and liabilities will be divided in the case of divorce. But does every couple need one? What do you need to include in a prenup? Understandably, we field a lot of questions More

Reasons to contact child protective services

Reasons to Contact Child Protective Services

Child Protective Services (CPS) exists to ensure that all children have a permanent home in which they are safe and can be appropriately nurtured. Their job is to check on children whose situations may be unsafe and remove them from homes in which they are being neglected or abused. CPS works to protect children from More

alimony and post-separation support

Post Separation Support vs. Alimony

Going through marital separation or divorce is often an extremely difficult process that brings with it emotional and financial stress. In many cases, separation and/or divorce leaves one half of a couple without the monetary support they need to rebuild their lives on their own, and that’s where post-separation support and alimony come in. Both More

Restraining Orders and Violations in North Carolina

The District Courts of North Carolina can issue orders of protection between domestic partners or neighbors. If served with a restraining order, you are not required to attend the court date. However, if you wish to contest the order then you should attend the hearing with an attorney. If you do not show up, then More

Hot to get Child Support

How to Get Child Support

In North Carolina, child support is mandated by a set of child support guidelines that determine the amount of support due based on a worksheet computation that considers the income and other support obligations of each parent. In order to begin a child support case in North Carolina, a parent may contact the Department of More

North Carolina Alimony Laws Cohabitation

North Carolina Alimony Laws Cohabitation

In North Carolina, alimony may be awarded to a dependent spouse by the court based on a consideration of factors. Once ordered by a court, an alimony order may be terminated or modified based on a change in the income of one or both of the spouses, death of one the spouses, remarriage of the More

North Carolina Child Support Guidelines

Child Support Guidelines

In North Carolina, child support is determined pursuant to Child Support Guidelines. These guidelines are statutory and must be followed in each child support action unless grounds for deviation from the Child Support Guidelines exist. Child Support Guidelines calculate the child support payment for the paying parent pursuant to both parents’ incomes, the amount of More

Child protective services process

What Happens When Child Protective Services Gets Involved

Child Protective Services (CPS) exists in all counties of North Carolina. Child Protective Services may get involved when a report is made concerning a child who is alleged to be neglected, abused, or dependent. The purpose of Child Protective Services is to investigate claims of concern surrounding a child, and offer the child and/or the More

how alimony is calculated north carolia

How Alimony is Calculated in North Carolina

North Carolina is unique in comparison to many other states in the treatment and determination of alimony between two spouses. In North Carolina, there are no set guidelines for a determination of alimony, and the alimony award may vary based on the judge assigned to a specific case. Alimony is paid by a supporting spouse More

How to get custody of a child

How to Get Custody of a Child

In North Carolina, one parent can initiate a civil action for child custody to set up or change the custody of a minor child amongst two parents. The statutes that provide the law on child custody in North Carolina is set out in Chapter 50B of the North Carolina General Statutes. Jurisdiction of state to More