Sue in small claims court

What Can You Sue for in Small Claims Court?

North Carolina’s small claims courts are a division of District Court in the state of North Carolina.  Small claims are the proper venue for Landlord/Tenant Evictions matters as well as monies-owed disputes in which the amount in controversy is $10,000 or below. The purpose of small claims courts is to settle disputes over property or money worth relatively small amounts. Small claims courts resolve disputes efficiently and effectively with less costs and court resources expended than typical district court disputes.

The types of cases often seen in small claims courts are property disputes such as landlord tenant disputes or contract disputes involving controversies over minimal amounts of money or property.  Personal injury cases are sometimes appropriate in small claims court as well. A variety of civil cases may be brought in small claims court as long as the cases are eligible under the jurisdictional limit of $10,000.

Small claims court, like other courts and claims, can be confusing to those that are not familiar with the law and court system surrounding a potential claim. A lawyer is useful to claimants in small claims court in order to understand the process and legal arguments surrounding a case in small claims court.

If you think you have a claim in small claims court, and want more information about the process and guidance moving forward with your claim, contact our attorneys at Mulligan Attorneys,. We will help you understand the law surrounding your claim and navigate the small claims court in order to maximize your potential recovery.