Workers’ Compensation Lawyers

When Do You Need a Lawyer For a Personal Injury Claim

Workers’ compensation claims are not fault-based. This means that if you are injured on the job, you are normally entitled to workers’ compensation benefits even if the injury is your fault. Also, many people believe that in order to file a workers’ compensations claim you must sue your employer. This is simply not true!

In most cases, employers carry workers’ compensation insurance to cover these claims and the claim is made against the insurance policy, not the individual employer. In fact, there area  number of benefits offered under North Carolina’s workers’ compensation laws, including coverage for your medical expenses and wage replacement, not only for injuries but also for occupational diseases caused as a result of working conditions, such as lung damage, lead poisoning, skin irritation, and carpal tunnel syndrome.

In the state of North Carolina, these benefits can even extend to dependents in the case that an employee is killed due to a tragic on-the-job accident or illness. Working with an experienced lawyer, such as the lawyers at Mulligan Epstein, can help you take advantage of the benefits you are, by law, owed.

At Mulligan Epstein, we pride ourselves on helping injured workers successfully pursue workers’ compensation insurance claims and we charge no fee unless we recover for you. Don’t give up what you’ve already earned. Contact Mulligan Epstein Attorneys and get what you’re owed.

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