Family Law Attorneys

Family Law Attorneys

Going through a separation and divorce may be one of the most trying times in a  person’s life.  Knowing what you can expect and how to be prepared ahead of time can give you some peace of mind. At Mulligan Epstein, you will get individualized and one-on-one contact with your lawyer.  Whether you need help filing for a simple divorce, figuring out complex equitable distribution, creating a fair prenuptial agreement, or handling custody matters, you can be assured that your case will be handled professionally and efficiently.

Take advantage of our experience and level of service to help you with your situation. Our attorneys will listen to the facts of your situation, help you understand how the law applies to you and your family and explain your alternatives to litigation.  Our goal is to see you successfully through this trying time, knowing that you have made informed choices from the beginning.


Restraining Orders and Violations in North Carolina

The District Courts of North Carolina can issue orders of protection between domestic partners or neighbors. If served with a restraining order, you are not required to attend the court date. However, if you wish to contest the order then you should attend the hearing...

How to Get Child Support

In North Carolina, child support is mandated by a set of child support guidelines that determine the amount of support due based on a worksheet computation that considers the income and other support obligations of each parent. In order to begin a child support case...

North Carolina Alimony Laws Cohabitation

In North Carolina, alimony may be awarded to a dependent spouse by the court based on a consideration of factors. Once ordered by a court, an alimony order may be terminated or modified based on a change in the income of one or both of the spouses, death of one the...