Criminal Defense Attorneys

Criminal Law Attorneys

Whether you are accused of a misdemeanor, a drug offense, or a serious felony, the lawyers at Mulligan Epstein always work to resolve your charges with your best interests in mind. We will always mount an aggressive defense and take your case to trial if it proves to be in your best interests. However, by taking the time to get to know you, we may be able to find other creative ways to beat the charges in a way that better suits your personal circumstances and allows an ultimate dismissal of your case. Some examples of these dispositions are deferred prosecutions or 90-96 drug deferrals, among others. Whenever possible, we will work to clear your record and your name by expunging your criminal record.

Protected: Understanding Your Rights at a DWI Checkpoint

If you live in North Carolina and drive a vehicle, it’s vital you learn your rights and what to expect at a DWI checkpoint. The goal of the police is to find drivers who have been drinking and to charge them with a DWI, and knowing what rights you have can reduce your...

Protected: Personal Use Marijuana Charges in North Carolina

If you or someone you know has been charged with possession of marijuana in North Carolina, you might be wondering what you can expect as the case unfolds. The penalties you can face depend on a range of factors you need to keep in mind. Some people are worried that...