What Qualifies as a Vehicle for North Carolina DWI Laws?

f you are like most people who want to avoid a DWI charge, you take several steps to protect yourself from harm. Some people, though, make critical mistakes that can impact their lives in many ways, and you don’t want to fall into that trap. You can protect yourself and your rights by learning what More

Can You Get a Hangover DWI?

Some people go out drinking with their friends and opt to take a taxi home so that they can stay safe and avoid a DWI charge, which is a smart move. The problem, however, is that those people often go to work the next morning and don’t realize that the alcohol is still in their More

3 important stages of a drunk driving arrest

In most drunk driving arrests, there are three primary events that happen. If there are problems with how any one of these stages of your DUI arrest, you may be successful in fighting the charges against you with the help of an experienced drunk driving attorney. In your own case, these three components are important, More

Consequences of a DWI under 21 in North Carolina

Under North Carolina law, anyone under the age of 21 may be charged with the offense of driving while impaired if they are found to be operating a motor vehicle under the influence of an impairing substance, as is the case for drivers over 21. However, for drivers under the age of 21, any amount More



If you have been charged with Driving While Impaired or Driving Under the Influence, you are probably curious what the differences are between the two types of crimes. Under North Carolina law, the formal charge for driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs is referred to as a DWI. DUI is another term More

How to get a NC divers license reinstated

How to Get a North Carolina Drivers License Reinstated After a DWI

The North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles can suspend your driving privileges without a hearing in several circumstances surrounded DWIs. This can be a hardship for many people, as driving in America is often a necessity rather than a luxury. Driving offers you the freedom and ability to get to work on time, take care More

Court Etiquette Wilmington NC

How to Behave in Court

What you wear, how you speak, and even your body language can affect how people judge you. Nowhere is this truer than in a Courtroom. It doesn’t matter if you’re in front of a judge because of a traffic violation, a family issue, a disability case, or a felony offense, if you are the plaintiff, More

DWI Laws

Three Strikes and You’re Out: DWI Laws in North Carolina

As Labor Day weekend approaches, we begin to bid summer a fond farewell. Your weekends fill up with last minute barbeques, beach days, and backyard bashes as you unwind and catch up with friends. Maybe you have a few drinks during the festivities, but you swear you feel fine—until you see those flashing blue lights More